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About the Alexander Technique

Walsh, Nanette. “The Alexander Technique: A Primer (2002)  *Appendix for Peggy Williams: Unsmudged

About First Generation Teachers & Mentors 

Walsh, Nanette. “Peggy Williams In Her Own Words.” AmSAT News. (Spring 2004)
Walsh, Nanette. “The Greatest Treasure, Obituary for Peggy Williams” Statnews. (January 2004)
Walsh, Nanette. Remembering Walter Carrington: Keystone of the Alexander Technique Compiled and edited by Elizabeth Langford. Leuven: Alexandertechniek Centrum vzw. (2006)
Walsh, Nanette. “On the Alexander Technique With Pearl AusubelAmSAT News. (Spring 2007)
Walsh, Nanette. “
In Memory and Appreciation of Pearl Ausubel.” AmSAT News. (Spring 2009)

* publication forthcoming

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