Testimonials about Nanette

“It is simple: Nanette Walsh is exceptional. I feel incredibly lucky to have met her and to have had the opportunity to work with her as a student, teacher in training and as post graduate student.  In our first lesson I was wowed, in our second lesson I was doubly wowed and this has continued though out my time taking lessons and participating in her training programs. Her touch is conveyed with extreme clarity and direction, her presence is supportive, intuitive and nurturing, and her thoughtful and thought provoking words and expressions turn the complexities of the work into easily digested morsels.  Nanette is a passionate and skilled teacher who has rightfully risen to the top of her profession training teachers, leading post graduate classes, and providing top-notch private lessons.”
– Kristin Mozeiko, MM, DMA, m.AmSAT, Faculty Queens College

“Through her tenure on the Board, Nanette repeatedly demonstrated her strong commitment to the Alexander Technique and to our professional society. With her clear thinking and stellar communication skills, she led AmSAT through an enormous amount of restructuring as we adapted to a new association management company, developed and launched a new website, increased our promotional and outreach efforts, and created new organizational structures to meet our changing needs….Nanette gave us her very best. She’s the rare person who sees both the forest and the trees!”
The American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT), honoring and acknowledging Nanette’s work with the society (AmSAT e-UPdate, “Volunteer Extraordinaire, 2011)

“Nanette is a brilliant teacher who helps her students reach high levels of body and mind awareness. She is very intuitive in guiding them uncover unhealthy patterns in the way they use their body, and in supporting them redirect themselves in a more integrated way. Nanette’s hands on work is outstanding and her approach is gentle, caring, and compassionate. I highly recommend her as a teacher of the Alexander Technique.”
– Vincent Lebrun, m.AmSAT, Singer, Songwriter & Multi-instrumentalist

“Nanette has been an instrumental part of my own development as an Alexander Technique teacher.  Her hands-on skill is a phenomenon that must be experienced…a unique combination of strength, power, support, and gentleness.  I leave my lessons with Nanette feeling wholly transformed.  When I come with questions, she offers thoughtful responses that are based on years of experience and a wealth of oral history.  She’s always ready to share what Mr. Alexander or other teaching “greats” said on the subject.  She challenges me, in small manageable ways, to come to a deeper understanding of myself and of the beauty of the Alexander Technique.”
Lisa Lutton, m.AmSAT, Yoga Teacher

“I have gone to practitioners of body-mind work for decades; I am a survivor of the holocaust, I held a lot of fear and tension in my body for most of my life. Yet it wasn’t until I came to Nanette that I began to be in touch how I had been tightening internally. It was habitual, unconscious and causing me a lot of pain. Now that it is clear to me what I am doing, I am learning to let go.  What Nanette communicates with her hands is powerful and goes to the core.”
Renee Feller, Rabbi

“Nanette’s teaching elicits something deep in my inner recesses.  Her hands communicate an accepting understanding that allows me to change. Studying the Technique with Nanette expands my energy and opens me to the wider world.  I feel better, breathe better, and move better. When people ask why I study Alexander, I can’t say…, I just love it!”
Dorothy HunterAdvanced Rolfer

“I began studying with Nanette many years ago. I was having a problem with my hands. That problem is long gone, but I continue to study. I credit Nanette with keeping me upright, mobile, in good health and on an even keel. In addition, the Alexander technique has given me the foundation for new explorations in physical acting. I am extremely grateful.”
Anastasia Z, Writer, Psychoanalyst, Actor

“I thought I would take lessons for a few months and learn some handy  tricks or exercises to reduce tension and improve posture. I had no idea I would be drawn into a lifetime commitment to introspection, awareness, internal work and ever more subtle psycho-physical re-education. At the end of 10 years, I’m still learning with every lesson and the surprise is that nothing less will do.”
Andrea Pitsch, Art Conservator

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