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The Riverside Initiative for the Alexander Technique, founded by Nanette Walsh, is a place for community, growth and learning. It is dedicated to the practice and teaching of the Alexander Technique, and committed to the cultivation of greater resilience, health and well-being in the world at large.

We offer:

Whether you are a new student, a qualified teacher, the Riverside Initiative offers individually oriented learning based on well-established methods while maintaining a commitment to diversity, creativity and community outreach. Click here to contact us.

Riverside Initiative for the Alexander Technique Teacher Certification Program is a teacher training program for the Alexander Technique. Nanette Walsh is its director. Nanette’s breadth and depth of training experience contribute to Riverside’s unique and integrative training. While the atmosphere on the course is friendly, fun and informal, the underlying structure is based on a highly developed, rigorous and practical progression. (Click here to read more about Riverside Initiative’s Philosophy of Training.)

Riverside Initiative, offers its Teacher Certification Program in the Columbia University area of New York City’s Upper West Side. Its beautiful location near the university and the #1 subway on Broadway is an accessible and ideal for place for growth and learning. A half block away from Riverside Park’s wooded bird sanctuary and foot paths, our location affords students plenty of room to breathe.

Riverside Initiative’s training program offers both large and small group learning experiences; regardless of course size, the teacher/student ratio is exceptionally high (typically 1:3 each day.) The school, founded on a community-based paradigm,  provides a well established curriculum.  (Click here to read more about Riverside Initiative’s Curriculum.)

Nanette has trained and graduated dozens of AmSAT certified teachers who have gone on to successfully work as Alexander Technique teachers in a wide variety of capacities.

Riverside Initiative’s TCP, approved by the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT), supports AmSAT’s mission to establish the Alexander Technique as a basic and recognized resource for health, productivity and well-being.(Click here to read more about the benefits of the Alexander Technique…)


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