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Dynamic Upright Coordination: Walking, ODAF (aka Monkey/Position of Mechanical Advantage) & Wall Work
Taught by Eleanor Taylor 

Circularity in Motion
Taught by Caren Bayer

Breathe Easier with the Alexander Technique
Taught by Kristin Mozeiko and Eleanor Taylor

Dynamic Group Teaching
Taught by Dana Calvey

 The Embodied Voice: Learn to Use your Voice and Self Well with the Alexander Technique
Taught by Kristin Mozeiko &  Eleanor Taylor

Cool Things You Can Do with AT & Science
Taught by Emily Faulkner

Resilience and Flow
Taught by Ariel Carson

Pilates through Alexander
Taught by Robin Schiff

Introduction to the Alexander Technique: A Body-Mind Practice
Taught by Gayl Forman

Past events include:
People's Climate March
Riverside Initiative Teachers Social
A Healthy Dose of Tension and Release: Singing With the Alexander Technique with Emily Whyte
Teaching group classes as a new Alexander Technique teacher with Eleanor Taylor
Training course field trip to Meredith Monk and vocal ensemble workshop at BAM
AT yoga Holiday Series with Sheila Bandyopadhyay
Alexander Technique for Singers and Actors with Eleanor Taylor
Gadget Class with Lindsay Newitter
Presenting the Alexander Technique: Strategies and Technique with Lori Schiff
Alexander Technique for Members and Allies of the LGBTQ Community with Ariel Carson
RIAT Teacher Certification Program Sampler
The Actor's Secret with Betsy Polatin
Physical Expression on Stage and Screen: Using the Alexander Technique to Create Unforgettable Performances with Bill Connington
Building a Practice with a panel of  Ariel Carson, Eleanor Taylor, and Emily Whyte
Brain Zest with Dr. Nancy Kennedy
Master the Art of Running with Malcolm Balk
Finding Playfulness in Learning with Kathy Miranda
 Up Off Your Ankles! with Joan Frost
Dance and the Alexander Technique with Jane Kosminsky 
AT in a Scientific Context with Dr. Rajal Cohen
Teaching the Alexander Technique in Arts Institutions with Lori Schiff

Check back for more events: faculty, guest teacher and affiliate workshops to be announced soon…

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