Riverside Initiative’s Affiliate Faculty

Vincent LebrunKristin Mozeiko |Dania Gold NamdarLindsay Newitter | Adele Nickel

We are honored to have a list of teachers affiliated with the course who offer their expertise in one or more of a variety of capacities:

  • offering supervision to third-year trainees in their practice teaching.
  • offering private or small group lessons to trainees.
  • offering classes in the area of their expertise on occasion.
  • offering their time as substitutes for regular faculty members and/or as volunteer teachers.

Vincent Lebrun, a native of Brussels, Belgium, is an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher. He graduated from his training with Nanette Walsh and John Nicholls at ATNYC in April 2013. Vincent, along with his partner, Kristin Mozeiko, teaches in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Vincent is also a singer, songwriter, and a multi-instrumentalist. He is a Reiki practitioner, and he conducts individual and group sound healing sessions and meditations. After years of studying and practicing non-dualism and metaphysics, he very enthusiastically discovered that a lot of the spiritual principles he has been practicing for years can be applied to the Alexander Technique.

Kristin Mozeiko, founder of Alexander Technique Brooklyn, is an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher in New York City and a graduate of ATNYC. Ms. Mozeiko is Kristin-Mozeikoon faculty at Queens College teaching music education courses and the Alexander Technique. She is on staff at the Kinhaven Summer Music program and LECPSM, a preparatory music program, where she teaches private music instruction and leads Alexander Technique workshops and lessons. Ms. Mozeiko holds degrees in music education (BA), French horn performance (MM) and music education (DMA), integrating the Alexander Technique with music education/performance into her research and writing. For more information visit:

Dania Gold Namdar, M.AmSAT trained at ATNYC under the direction of Nanette Dania Gold NamdarWalsh and John Nicholls; she graduated from the course and continued as an assistant teacher thereafter. Dania is currently a faculty member at Riverside Alexander Technique Center and maintains her private practice in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Her students come from a variety of backgrounds and include musicians, dancers, and people suffering from chronic pain and the stress of daily life and careers. Dania has worked in the care and rehabilitation process for blind children with multiple disabilities. She also created a short documentary in 2001 based on the work of Gal Ben Or, senior Israeli teacher, with children who suffer from physical and developmental problems, and from trauma as a result of aggressive therapies and medical procedures. Dania is committed to helping people rehabilitate in ways that emphasize function and well-being, not pain; she has extensive first-hand experience of the freedom and self-empowerment that come about by adherence to this approach. Dania is also a personal chef specializing in creating healthy and wholesome foods; she enjoys traveling and motorcycle riding and is always looking for new ways to expand her professional and personal quest for health and well being.

 Lindsay Newitter, has studied the Alexander Technique since 1999 and completed her Lindsay Newitterthree-year Alexander Technique teacher training at ATNYC in 2007. She teaches private lessons and small group classes in mid-town Manhattan.  She has taught Alexander Technique as a faculty member at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts as well as offered workshops as a guest teacher at the Fordham University Drama Department.  She has served as a production rehearsal coach and co-teaches Free Your Body, Free Your Voice with a Linklater Method voice teacher. Lindsay earned her BFA in Drama from New York University in 2001.  An active member of AmSAT (The American Society for the Alexander Technique), Lindsay has been serving as the national Promotions Media Director of AmSAT since January 2011.  For more information please visit

Adele Nickel  is the assistant associate director of RIAT and an AmSAT-certified teacher of the Alexander Technique; she received Adeleher 1600-hour training at Riverside Initiative for the Alexander Technique (RIAT) in New York City under the direction of Nanette Walsh. Adele continues to work at RIAT as an affiliate teacher on the training course and maintains a private teaching practice in Midtown Manhattan and on the Upper West Side. Adele is also an accomplished modern dancer and has enjoyed a long performing and teaching career in NYC and abroad; she most recently worked with choreographer Annie-B Parson and rock musician St. Vincent in performance at the Hollywood Bowl, and was featured in the Liz Gerring Dance Company’s Glacier, named #4 on The New York Times’ “Best Dance of 2013” and nominated for a Bessie Award. In 2014, Adele was awarded a scholarship from the Breathing Project to complete her study in Embodied Anatomy & Kinesiology with Amy Matthews. She is also an avid runner and tai chi practitioner. Adele is passionate about the thinking, moving body and seeks to help her students find freedom and balance in every aspect of their lives.


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