Riverside Initiative’s Faculty

Nanette Walsh | Anne Waxman | Ariel Carson | Peggy Florin | Lori Schiff | Eleanor Taylor

Our faculty draw from diverse fields of expertise and professional experience in a wide variety of institutional and performing arts settings. They are committed to life-long learning and growth on an individual and collective basis.

Nanette Walsh, MFA, m.AmSAT, is founder and director of RIAT. She co-founded ATNYC, Associate Director(2006); Co-director from (2009-2014); taught at ACAT, Resident Associate Faculty (2005-2008); Alexander Technique Workshops, Sweet Briar, Virginia (2007-2012); NYC School of Visual Arts(SVA) (1987-1990). She holds an MFA from The College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University (1982); graduated from ACAT (1995); undertook extensive post-graduate work with Walter Carrington, Peggy Williams and Pearl Ausebel; recently completed Peggy Williams: Un-smudged, soon to be published. Appointed to AmSAT’s Board of Directors in 2009, served extended tenure AmSAT Chair until 2011; Professional Conduct Committe(2008); Leadership Advisory Council (2012-2014.) Awarded: AmSAT’s Certificate of Merit: 2012; Certificate of Appreciation: 2013, 2014. Long standing practitioner of tai chi, various forms of contemplative meditation, and depth psychology; currently doing graduate studies,Union Theological Seminary(UTS): Religion and Psychology.

Anne Waxman has been practicing the Alexander Technique for 30 years.   She is a Anne Waxman Faculty Photo Croppedteaching member of the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) and was Senior Faculty at the American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT) from 1987-1998, where she helped train many teachers who practice today. She has traveled nationally and internationally to Europe, Asia and Mexico presenting the Alexander Technique in Master Class format, small group classes and private lessons. Ms. Waxman maintains a private practice on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and most recently in East Jewett, NY. From Master classes in classical flute in Tokyo and Osaka, to massage therapists in Ohio, physical therapists at New York Hospital, dressage riders out in Long Island and singers at the Metropolitan Opera, Ms. Waxman continues to work in group and individual lessons ranging from performing artists and the general public. www.annewaxman.com

Ariel Carson, m.AmSAT, SEP, is the associate director of RIAT as well as a faculty member. She received  her teaching certification (1600 hours over 3 years) through Alexander Technique New York City (ATNYC), headed by teachers Nanette Walsh and John Nicholls. She has assisted at The Juilliard School, as well as taught at Boston University where she earned her BFA. Ariel previously worked as a teaching artist for the Leadership Program, teaching leadership skills through the arts to under-served students in New York City public schools. She is the organizer of the Healing for Activists NYC chapter. Ariel also utilizes her training as a Somatic Experiencing practitioner to help people release and resolve traumas that have gotten stuck in their nervous systems. From her work with U.S. veterans, to performers, to activists, to the LGBTQ community, Ariel is most interested in teaching the Alexander Technique as part of a holistic and multifaceted approach to cultivating greater sustainability, vitality, and freedom in the body-minds of her current and future clients. www.redefiningposture.com

Peggy Florin, MFA (1989) Bennington College, completed her AmSat certified training( 2014) at the Manhattan Center for the Alexander Technique under the direction of Caren Bayer. Peggy has been a dancer, choreographer and teacher for many years. Her initial Alexander studies began in the late ‘80‘s, with Kate Judd, and later with Alex Farkas, Giora Pinkas, Eva Karczag and Nanette Walsh. After receiving an MFA in Dance she was appointed to the dance faculty at Bennington College where she taught for twenty years. She then became an Associate Professor of Dance at Bard College, where she teaches ballet, modern dance and the Alexander Technique. In her private Alexander practice, Peggy integrates her years of study of anatomy & movement to awaken and facilitate grounding, ease and expansiveness in her students.

Lori Schiff, M.AmSAT, Faculty The Juilliard School, Aspen Music Festival and School, Lori Schiff - Riverside Initiative for the Alexander TechniqueInternationale Meistersinger Akademie, Guest Teaching Artist New World Symphony. Ms. Schiff qualified at ACAT in 1987. She has introduced the Alexander Technique to groups and institutions across the country including Master Classes at The Metropolitan Opera, West Point Military Academy, The San Diego Symphony, Aspen Sports Medicine, AmSAT Meetings in San Fransisco, Ann Arbor, Las Vegas, and New York City, and was a guest speaker at The International Congress for the Alexander Technique in Lugano, Switzerland. More information and a link to her video, The Alexander Technique: Musician’s Method for Improvement can be found at www.lorischiff.com

Eleanor Taylor, m.AmSAT, is on the Musical Theatre faculty of the Manhattan School of Music, and maintains a private teaching studio at Union Square, Manhattan, where she specializes in working with actors and singers to improve performance, prevent injury and reduce anxiety using the Alexander Technique, and offers ongoing small group classes for performers. She currently serves on the faculty of Respiro Opera and the Riverside Initiative for the Alexander Technique, and formerly at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She has studied AT for 18 years with instructors including Gwen Ellison, Lori Schiff, John Nicholls and Nanette Walsh, and completed certification at ATNYC. She has also trained in Jessica Wolf’s Art of Breathing and Betsy Polatin’s The Actor’s Secret methods, and holds B.M. and M.M. degrees in voice from New England Conservatory and the University of Minnesota. Eleanor has led Alexander Technique workshops for the Music Educators Association of NYC/United Federation of Teachers, the Freedom to Act Conference on Acting and AT, Brooklyn Opera Works’ Summer Vocal Arts Institute, the Brooklyn Music School Opera Studies program and the Danbury Chamber Music Intensive. www.eleanortaylorAT.com


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