Teacher Training

Why become a teacher


The quality of support you give others is directly related to the quality of
support you give your self.


Becoming a teacher depends on the fundamental truism above.

Students train to become teachers of  The Alexander Technique(AT) for many reasons. Among them are the desire to:

  • participate more fully in the change one wishes to bring about personally and globally.
  • work in the burgeoning field of body-mind professions. The AT is recognized everywhere from The Mayo Clinic to The Royal Academy of Music in London.
  • teach those in the performing arts and help them cultivate their most free and full creative expression without sacrificing their primary instrument, i.e. themselves!
  • deepen one’s personal experience and understanding of mind-body balance through in-depth study of the Technique.
  • share  the means-whereby one’s own life has been dramatically transformed.
  • support others in one of the most beautiful and fundamentally helpful ways possible
  • invest in a practical and profound form of learning that focuses of one’s personal development
  • demonstrate the most efficient way to achieve one’s goals united with the betterment of one’s well-being.
  • realize that learning best happens when the focus is on individual personal development.
  • extend one’s skills in whatever area one wishes to apply oneself.
  • join groundbreaking work in neuroscience and medical research investigating the Alexander Technique as basic to human health, performance and productivity.

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