Riverside Initiative’s Intensive Study Program

Deepen your experience and understanding of the Technique by participating in the discovery and practice of the Alexander Technique in the focused environment of an Alexander teacher training course.

Whether you attend for one day or for one full trimester, you will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of learning in an informal yet professional atmosphere.
Benefits  include:

  • Daily hands-on work with expert teachers.
  • Daily participation in group activities that highlight aspects of the Alexander Technique in practice.
  • Daily talks/discussions to gain experiential and intellectual understanding of the Technique and relevant anatomy and kinesiology, or the discussion of Alexander literature.
  • Joining with other students in a collegial environment committed to exploring and working with the technique at a highly refined level.

Students and teachers of the Alexander Technique are welcome to attend the training course for a day, a week or month at a time (space permitting). To schedule a visit, email info AT riversideinitiative DOT com or call 212-663-6338.

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