To Apply

RIAT - Admissions

Those interested in applying to RIAT’s teacher certification program are invited to introduce themselves via phone or email and request an application. To do so, please call 212-633-6338 or email info AT riversideinitiative DOT com Potential applicants are also encouraged to visit the training course, where they will get to meet the other students and faculty, and to schedule a private lesson with the director.

Requirements for Entry 

Prospective candidates should satisfy the following requirements:

  • Personal experience with the Technique.
  • Some evidence of enthusiasm and ability to pursue the Technique as a personal discipline.
  • Completion of Admissions Application. (available on request)
  • Admissions Interview lesson with the Director of Riverside Initiative. This provides an opportunity for the applicant and director to meet and work together one-on-one. (The lesson fee is discounted for applicants and applies to tuition if accepted.)


Contact Riverside Initiative for the Alexander Technique